Der-licious Pancakes!


It’s midnight and I just got home from Chicago. And I really thought about heading to bed, but I couldn’t keep you guys away from this yummy post!! I’m very dedicated to ya’ll.

So guess what. Don’t laugh at me because I do this. I’m sure secretly you all have to but …

It’s been 2 months!

I’ve been married for two months and it called for special breakfast, more special than oatmeal and OJ.

But then again … everything I make is special :P

Making something incredibly fabulous 330 in the morning is difficult when all you want to do is sleep. But I had to make these.

Back in May, I met with one of my best friends in Chicago for brunch. We went to a gorgeous little place called M. Henry’s. They didn’t have a lot on their menu, but each item sounded just as savory and sweet as they described it. We both absolutely loved what we ordered. And I loved it so much; I had to replicate the pancakes! They had berries and mascarpone. Mm!!!

For those that don’t know, mascarpone is sweet Italian cream cheese. Its texture is so much smoother than regular cream cheese and is one of the main ingredients for tirimasu. I wouldn’t call it “sweet” though, it’s just not as salty as regular cream cheese. So take that smooth, creamy cheese and think about the endless possibilities of making dishes. I’ve used mascarpone for pasta, as bread spread, fruit, AND pancakes.

They are so “derlicious and fluffy” according to the doc. And that was not a typo. He said “der-licious”! I couldn’t make fun of him then, it was way too early in the morning and he was half asleep. But he couldn’t stop telling me how amazing they were!

I, unfortunately, could not take amazing pictures since my camera died, but I tried with my phone! It won’t do proper justice to its amazingness, so I’ll post up a few pictures of my M. Henry pancakes. The only difference is that they used granola and I used walnuts.

There are also two ways of making these pancakes. You can take the mascarpone mixture and spread it on top like I did, or mix it into the batter for extra fluffiness!

To make things easier for me 330 in the morning, I used Aunt Jemima pancake mix vs. making them from scratch. BUT, I make them differently! Sometimes you can’t make everything from scratch!

Mixed berry mascarpone pancakes

Yields 4 large pancakes

2 cups of pancake mix

2 eggs

½ cup to 1 cup of milk (according to consistancy)

1 tbsp of milk for mascarpone

3 tbsp brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 and ½ cuo of Belgioioso mascaropone (can be found in the deli/cheese section)

3 tbsp of sugar

1 – 1 ½ cup of mixed berries (I used raspberries and blackberries, cut in half)

walnuts or granola for garnish

Heat a nonstick skillet on low medium before you start.

In a large bowl, whisk together pancake mix, brown sugar, cinnamon, eggs, vanilla extract, and ½ cup of milk. Add more milk to get a thick but liquid consistancy.

In a small bowl, combine mascarpone, sugar, and 1 tbsp of milk.

Pour the pancake batter onto the pan and cook over medium heat. When bubbles start to appear on the topside of the pancake, flip the pancake over.

Cook for another minute or so until the pancake is lightly golden on both sides. Repeat with remaining batter.

Once all the pancakes are ready, place pancake on a plate and top with a layer of mascarpone and fresh berries. Top that with another pancake and layer with mascarpone and walnuts.


(these are from M. Henry’s … see the granola) 

No syrup required. Call it grown up pancakes! :D

Goodnight folks!

– Aisha

Ps. I made amazing appetizers the other day, I’ll be posting them soon! <3