Happy 100th Birthday Julia Child!

Wednesday was just not my day, long story.  I started this post earlier in the day and didn’t get a chance to post it until after midnight so let’s just pretend its still Wed.  Aug 15th fun.

One hundred. That’s how old Julia Child would have been today. Her presence is still so strong among us that it’s hard to believe she’s no longer with us.  She was so charismatic and entertaining that you didn’t even realize that you were learning along the way. Although I have yet to read any of her books, I have read a lot about her. Anytime I see anything about Julia Child I feel like a hoarder and have to read it right away!

She was so passionate about food that it can be contagious.  I remember watching a rerun episode of Baking with Julia and I can’t remember the name of the guest chef on her show that day, but they were making bagel.  I {heart} bagels. I love going to bagel places, I wish I could hang out there all day long. On weekends I get up really early and sneak out of the house before anyone else is awake and go to the bagel shop down the street from my house to buy coffee and bagels for breakfast. Toasted with plain cream cheese.  I don’t have a regular, but I have a favorite, pumpernickel.  And not just any pumpernickel, only from Einsteins.  It so soft, chewy, just the right amount of caraway seeds. Its the only time I don’t mind if the bagel isn’t toasted.

Ok so back to Julia’s show, they were making bagels. They made it look so easy and simple, I decided that I had to try my hand at it one day. The only thing was that you have to make the dough and then wait for it to rise and punch it down, and rise again. Then knead it and then rises again. Argh, I’m not a patience person so I kept putting it off until….one day i saw the perfect recipe posted by The Baker Chick – Whole Wheat Everything Bagels.  I altered the recipe a little bit and used highly active dry yeast and cut the time for the dough to rise twice to 30 mins.  I’ll try to post my adapted recipe soon!

Hey for a first try they turned out pretty good!  They smelled so good, My mom and I had them hot out of the oven. Who has time to let them cool down ;)

Happy Eating!