Starstruck, only for Aamir

Have you heard??  Aamir Khan is in town shooting Dhoom 3!!! 

Working in downtown Chicago for the last 8 years, I usually don’t get so excited about filming around the loop.  Even through the filming of Dark Knight and Transformers, it was cool to glimpse the sets but that was as far as my interest goes.  Until now….I mean Aamir Khan, right here, right now, in my town.  Normally I would have just been happy hearing about it and moving on with my life, so I’m not really sure what possessed me, but for one day I was starstruck.


My friend Ruheena & I met up to go stake out the set to see if we can catch Aamir in action.  Unfortunately by the time we got near Randolph & Wabash, it had already started raining.  One of the security guys told us that they were wrapping it up for the night and we had just missed Aamir Khan.  Feeling sorry for ourselves, having trekked all that way in the rain just to catch a glimpse, we were deciding what to do when Ruheena gasped and says, “Is that Abishek Bachchan?!?!”. Half way down the block, there he was, towering over a small gathering. 

Eeeekkkkk!!!  We ran around the yellow tape and down the street, the closest we could get was this…


I was pretty excited to get these pictures and we kind of ran around the area to try to get him to wave to us, but I guess he’s too cool.  At one point we were crossing the street when he was in the car leaving, we stopped right in front to take a pic.  He just turned his head, and all I got was a picture with glare.

Oh well, they’re here until the end of October, so I guess I can give him another chance to smile for my camera.

To cheer myself up, I stopped at Mrs. Field to get a couple treats to bring home.  Here’s a couple of my favorites: double fudge brownie, walnut brownie & a cookie cup for my cookie monster =)



Happy Eating!



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