Gold Medal Burgers

Olympics London 2012 – I’m addicted.

I love watching the best of the best competing to have the honor of being named the best.  luckily, my favorite events start right after the opening so I’m totally hyped up.  Swimming, gymnastics, track & field, shot put, volleyball, basketball, you name it, I’ve seen it.  Watching all the athletes working so hard and burning all those calories, makes me REALLY hungry!  And with fasting these days, I’m pretty much thinking of what I want to eat that night right after Suhoor is over.

In honor of Michael Phelps’s 22nd gold medal achievement I decided to make Gold Medal Burgers.

Gold Medal Burgers (aka Cheese Stuffed Burgers):

2 lbs Ground Beef – makes 8 burgers

3 tbsp of Weber’s Gourmet Burgers seasoning

1 brick of Colby Jack Cheese (or your preferred choice)

8 slices of Cheddar (or your preferred choice) for topping the burgers

1/2 medium onion sliced

8 hamburger buns – I used onion buns for this recipe

Other favorite burger trimmings
In a bowl, mix up the ground beef and add the seasoning.  If you don’t have any seasoning on hand you can substitute salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.  Then divy up the meat into equal balls.  I use a 1/3 measuring cup to keep the burgers size consistent; this will give you roughly 8 patties.  If you like thicker burgers, just add extra meat!

To form the patties, take one ball of meat, make a well in the middle, press the thick cheese wedge into the center then gather the remaining meat covering the wedge.  Then continue to shape the patty into a round burger shape.

Heat the grill up screaming hot, quickly oil the grates and slap those babies on there.  They take about 4-6 mins on the first side,  then flip the patties.  Important note:  With a toothpick, pierce each patty in the center to release pressure and juices for doneness.

While the burgers are in progress, time to grill the onions.  If you don’t like grilled onions, then just skip this.  In a non-stick pan, lightly spray with oil and add the sliced onions over med heat.  Occasionally toss the onions so they evenly brown.  Once the onions are soft and slightly browned, remove from the heat.

Once the patties are almost ready, add a slice of cheddar to each one.  Once the slice melts remove the patties from the grill.  We love our buns toasted, so throw those on the grill if you like.

To assemble burgers, add favorite condiments, grilled onions some lettuce and serve with a side of fries.

Happy Eating, Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Gold Medal Burgers

  1. These look and sound delicious!!! Although you know Dan so his would have to be made without the cheese! Congrats on starting up the new blog!!! I’m looking forward to reading your posts! Miss you lots!

  2. It was not a good idea to visit your blog this early in the day- only about 7 hours to go before I can eat! Your burgers look ridiculously good. Thank you to cows for making beef and cheese, and sorry for eating you. Thank you to Nazia for making kitchen magic! Congrats on the new blog Naz!

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