What a night!

It’s just one of those nights where you’re tired but not tired enough to sleep. I have a tempurpedic that usually calls on to me by 10pm but tonight just isn’t that night. Tonight I decided to venture on to something new … Watch a different channel. I watch the usual abc, cw, abc family, E!, and food network. Those are channels I live by. Nothing else.

Beginning of this year, I remember watching a commercial for 90’s nick shows on teen nick and remember thinking, FINALLY! Finally, something worth watching. I waste plenty of time infront of the tv watching pointless shows and listening to the kids talking about how awesome their shows are. But really, is it awesome? Nothing is equally awesome or better than 90’s nickelodeon shows. Now thoseee were the days! Doug, Pepper Ann, Kenan & Kel, All That, Hey Arnold, Are You Afraid Of The Dark … I can go on an on. I found out we had the channel and I’m changing my sleeping schedule!

Now let me tell you the reason why I’ve been a couch potato for hours other than watching amazing tv .. .It’s because I can’t move.  My brother in laws and 2 of my sister in laws came to surprise my husband. Since it’s currently Ramadan and we’re all fasting I decided to make something hearty. You would think that after not eating for about 16 hours, I’d want to make something relatively simple.


I decided to tackle something I’ve never tried. But that’s just my thing. I always want to try different things. It’s just about the only thing I’m adventurous with. Trust me, I don’t know how to ride a bike, swim, skate or roller blade. And Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have made it severely difficult for me to ever think about taking a step on a boat. Cooking is one thing I’m not afraid to try. Even if it tastes bad. I’ll still try. So I tried making Braciole.

Braciole is an Italian dish. It’s made of thin slices of beef that is stuffed with deliciousness and pan fried in olive oil then “snuggled” in marinara for 2 hours. How amazing does that sound? It gets better! Once the beef rolls were tucked into the marinara and covered I started making sides and dessert. What did I make? Roasted garlic mashed potatoes and garlic butter rolls. For dessert I made a triple layer brownie ( cookie, oreos and brownie mix) baked for 45 minutes and topped with ice cream for so much richness and gooeyness – you won’t be able to handle it!

So I made all this and we all scarfed it down quickly which was a good sign, that means it turned out perfectly! Gave myself a pat on the back :) And lately my husband has liked my cooking so much and everyone’s been asking recipes, we pushed the idea that I start a blog. So here I am, watching All That and writing my first blog. Now if you (if anyone at all is reading this) wants my halalified recipe for these delicious dishes, let me know. I guess I’ll know what I’ll be blogging about tomorrow night!

Now time to watch Kenan and Kel open up 700 boxes of Google puffs to find the golden monkey that will help them win 10 grand to buy a car … and then there’s Skunkatore scratch and sniff comic books, eww!

Goodnight from me and Elmo! (My kookie and very much loving lazy cat)


2 thoughts on “What a night!

  1. I love reading blogs and I love the name! If your planning to make this a food journey blog, add pics of your dish and add the recipe. Trust me, people will ask :). Can’t wait to read about your adventures.

  2. Pictures will be up soon, this post was a test! I was waiting to see if I would a response at all, and alhamdulilah, I had a ton of facebook messages. I’ll be posting up the recipe and pictures tonight! :)

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